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Every 38 seconds of every business day, someone gets a job with help from Goodwill Industries International.

Locally, Goodwill Columbus helps meet the needs of all job seekers, including specialized programs for youth, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, criminal backgrounds and other specialized needs. Last year, Goodwill Columbus’ Workforce Development team helped place 353 individuals into competitive employment with 177 local employers.

We currently provide person-centered, credentialed training programs for careers in industries such as hospitality & lodging, information technology and health care - to name a few.  Also in 2015, Goodwill successfully launched Creative Employment Solutions (CES), which bridges the gap between day programs and workforce development, providing specialized job services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Goodwill Columbus Program Model: 

  • Initial Assessment or Referral- allows us and the jobseeker to determine whether or not our services are a good fit. If it is determined that our services are a good fit then a Program Interview is scheduled.
  • Program Interview- During this process an orientation to our services and building is provided, appropriate releases of information are signed and useful information for career planning and employment services is gathered.
  • Career & Skills Assessments- Career & Skills Assessment are used to gather additional, more specific information regarding a jobseekers’ work preferences and skill competencies.
  • Individualized Career Development Plan- Individualized Career planning typically includes career discovery (learning about different types of careers and what they entail),  participation in Career Boot Camp (a workshop that focuses on personal and professional development, work readiness and personal effectiveness) and Individualized Career Consultation or one-on-one work with a Career Consultant with the goal of sustainable employment or advancement.
  • Labor Market Evaluation- this is completed to gain an understanding in the local job market and in-demand industries to ensure sustainability.
  • Skilling Up- Skilling up involves occupational and skills training, preferably resulting in an industry-recognized credential, which increases employability and competency along specified career paths. Upskilling can be provided directly by Goodwill Columbus or partner agencies or educational institutes or training centers
  • Employment or Advancement- Employment is actual obtainment of unsubsidized employment. Employment typically refers to the first position obtained after beginning to receive services from Goodwill’s Workforce Development department. Advancement is obtainment of employment after the initial employment resulting in increased wages, hours or responsibilities. 
  • Retention Support- Retention support is support provided to employed individuals assisting them in maintaining employment. This can include talking through and problem-solving difficult situations, provide referrals to community resources, continued financial literacy and budgeting support and any other support needed.


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Interested in taking the next step in your own personal career path?  Give Goodwill Columbus a call today at 614-583-0250 to speak with our Community Engagement Coordinator or visit us for an Informationial Session on Tuesdays at 1pm. 

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