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🎃 Halloween Starts at Goodwill!

Goodwill is your Halloween headquarters to find the most spooktacular costumes at an affordable price. Each one of our stores offers a variety of new and gently used costumes and accessories to make sure your one-of-a-kind costume is the best on the block.

Follow along below as we outline how to build the most fang-tactic costume.

🧹 Witch

You can never go wrong with a classic witch costume! Plus, re-wear the skirt for the perfect fall outfit!

New goods available in stores:

  • Hat…. $12.99
  • Cloak…. $6.99
  • Wig…. $9.99

Donated items to be on the hunt for:

  • Plain Shirt or Dress…. $4.99
  • Skirt or Pants…. $4.99

Grand Total = $39.95

🎸 80’s

Channel your inner dancing queen? With this fun and colorful costume. Who doesn’t love tulle skirts and cute booties?!

New goods available in stores:

  • Tulle Skirt…. $4.29
  • Legwarmers…. $4.49
  • Gloves…. $1.99
  • Accessories…. $1.99-4.99

Donated items to be on the hunt for:

  • Vintage Shirt…. $4.99
  • Leggings…. $4.99
  • Fun Booties…. $5.99

Grand Total = $28.73

💕 Barbie

Hi Barbie! Pull together the year’s hottest costume in a sustainable way at Goodwill! We’ve got pink, we’ve got glitter, you might even snag some roller blades!

New goods available in stores:

  • Blonde Wig…. $9.99
  • Pink Scarf… $1.99
  • Cowboy/Cowgirl Hat… $14.99

Donated items to be on the hunt for:

  • Pink Outfit…. $10.60
  • Shoes…. $5.99

Grand Total = $43.56

All prices are estimated based on similar products. To find a store near you, click here.

🧟‍♀️ Trick-or-Treat With Us!

Not only do our stores offer all you need to build your costume at an affordable price, but we are also your pre-Halloween trick-or-treat destination. On Friday, October 20th from 4 pm-8pm, head over to any of our store locations and trick-or-treat with the whole family.

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