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Shop Extra Good at Goodwill

At Goodwill Columbus, we believe in opportunity for all people and that the power of work can
transform lives.

The Extra Good Program showcases in-store products that have a deeper connection to
Goodwill Columbus’ mission and services. When you see an Extra Good tag, you can expect curated,
refurbished, and new-to-you items that have been handcrafted by individuals we serve, some of
whom have developmental disabilities.

These items represents that belief and a future where each of us is embraced as
valued and dignified members of our community.

These bicycles were donated (rather than discarded) to Goodwill Columbus and has since been
repaired and refurbished by individuals in our Work and Community Services program.

To purchase an Extra Good bike, please visit our Dublin Store at 6525 Sawmill Rd, Dublin, OH 43017. We look forward to offering more Extra Good products in additional locations in the future.


Meet Teddy. Teddy has learned to work independently repairing bikes and specializes in tire repair.


Meet Nick. Nick’s favorite part of the bike shop is taking the bikes apart and working alongside the bike shop team to repair them.

Mary Rita

Meet Mary Rita. Mary Rita loves to try new things, this lead her to repairing and refurbishing bikes. Rita Mary has an exceptional work ethic and strives to be the best at what she does.


Meet Gerry. Gerry found a new love of working with his hands while learning the skill of repairing bikes. Gerry is the bike shop jokester!


Meet DJ. DJ enjoys growing his mechanical sense of how things are built by repairing bikes. DJ likes the bike lab because it reminds him of working on motorcycles.

Change A Life

Every donated item we sell helps us teach people the skills they need to end the cycle of unemployment. Find a Goodwill location near you by clicking below.

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