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Meet Doralissa, a determined and resilient mother who embarked on a life-transforming journey with the Achieve More & Prosper (AMP) program by Goodwill Columbus. Despite the challenges of raising three children and striving for stability, Doralissa’s commitment to personal growth shines brightly.

Doralissa took on the nurse assistant class with unparalleled dedication and discipline, culminating in her triumphant success. Not only did she pass the course, but she also aced the state certification test, opening doors to new opportunities. With unwavering perseverance, Doralissa secured a rewarding State Tested Nurse Assistant (STNA) job, where her compassionate care and relentless work ethic quickly gained recognition.

Today, Doralissa has chosen to continue to expand her medical skill set by enrolling in another medical program.This bold step not only enhances Doralissa’s employment prospects but also signifies her unwavering commitment to crafting an even more fulfilling future for her family.

Doralissa found success and empowerment to find her opportunity through our AMP program. We celebrate her successes and are filled with pride to have the opportunity to support her throughout her journey.

If you are an individual between 18-24 years old looking to find your success story, please visit our page below to see how you can get started today!

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