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In the Workforce Development sector of Goodwill Columbus, we believe in the power of transformation through learning. The certificate programs we offer are designed to promote personal and professional growth. Today, we want to share T-Keyah’s story, a testament to the impact of our State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) program.  A dedicated mother of young … Continued


Katrina’s journey began with a phone call from Goodwill Columbus career consultant Marti. In partnership with OhioMeansJobs, Mart was able to find Katrina a career development opportunity for veterans. That was just the beginning. From there Katrina began a 6-month online training program before earning a full-time job in healthcare. “Knowing Marti is what has … Continued


Wanting to make a positive change in this life, Robert came to Goodwill Columbus 20 years ago looking for a chance after being previously involved with the justice system. After being turned down from several positions, Robert got the job working on the custodial team at Goodwill Columbus. Today, he is a crucial member of … Continued


Humberto’s inspiring work ethic and joyful spirit have been evident since his first day with our Work and Community Services team in Groveport. He quickly excelled with his vocational habilitation and work readiness training to earn a job with our Goodwill Columbus custodial team. Humberto and his family are nativeSpanish-speaking immigrants from Mexico, but even … Continued


Source: FCBDD Communications, May 2023 (view here) As she stood before an audience that had swelled to more than 400 people, Lattie Harrington realized she wasn’t feeling like her usual happy self. “I thought, ‘Uh-oh, what just happened? It got me,” she said. “I got stage fright. I cried a little bit.” But the tears … Continued

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