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Unlock Your Potential

Skills Assesments Finding the right career can feel like navigating through a maze. It’s easy to feel lost or unsure about which direction to take. That’s where skill assessments come in handy to unlock your potential. Skill assessments help us identify our strengths and weaknesses. They show us where we excel and where we might … Continued

10 Thrifted Holiday Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays! We are celebrating the season of giving with 10 gift ideas for all the thrifters, DIY gift givers, and people who want to find unique and sustainable gifts this year! Gift Idea #1: DIY Candles Do you love how cozy a candle makes your space feel? Why not gift a homemade candle to … Continued

Giving Tuesday

As we embrace the festive season, Giving Tuesday emerges as a beacon of generosity amid the whirlwind of holiday shopping. Originating as a response to consumer-driven days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday encourages us to channel the spirit of giving towards meaningful causes. At Goodwill Columbus, we’re excited to be part of … Continued


Meet Doralissa, a determined and resilient mother who embarked on a life-transforming journey with the Achieve More & Prosper (AMP) program by Goodwill Columbus. Despite the challenges of raising three children and striving for stability, Doralissa’s commitment to personal growth shines brightly. Doralissa took on the nurse assistant class with unparalleled dedication and discipline, culminating … Continued


The inspiring journey of Destiny through the Achieve More and Prosper (A.M.P) Program, a program for out-of-school young adults between 18-24, is a shining example of determination and growth. Fueled by a steadfast commitment to creating a better life for herself, Destiny embraced the transformative path with resilience. Entering the nurse assistant class marked the … Continued

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