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In the Workforce Development sector of Goodwill Columbus, we believe in the power of transformation through learning. The certificate programs we offer are designed to promote personal and professional growth. Today, we want to share T-Keyah’s story, a testament to the impact of our State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) program. 

A dedicated mother of young children, T-Keyah joined our STNA class with the intent to create a better life for her family. Her journey wasn’t easy – from a car that broke down in the second week to personal challenges at home, T-Keyah faced numerous hurdles. 

Despite the odds, T-Keyah was consistent in her attendance and performance. Her high grades weren’t an accident; they were the product of countless hours of study and a solid work ethic. 

Throughout the course, T-Keyah’s determination shone brightly, influencing her classmates. She rose from the challenges and became an emblem of tenacity and resilience, inspiring those around her. 

T-Keyah’s completion of the course was more than just a personal achievement; it demonstrated the transformative power of our STNA program. Her story underscores our commitment to providing impactful learning experiences at Goodwill Columbus. 

T-Keyah’s journey inspires us to continue offering opportunities that allow individuals to reshape their lives. At Goodwill Columbus, we’re excited to help more students like T-Keyah write their own success stories. 

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