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10 Thrifted Holiday Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays! We are celebrating the season of giving with 10 gift ideas for all the thrifters, DIY gift givers, and people who want to find unique and sustainable gifts this year!

Gift Idea #1: DIY Candles

Do you love how cozy a candle makes your space feel? Why not gift a homemade candle to share with your loved ones! For this gift idea, thrift for items such as crystal bowls, tea cups, mason jars, or any other unique and heat-proof item that you think would be perfect when transformed into a candle. Additional material needed include: candle wax, wicks, essential oils, a pencil, and tape.

Follow this tutorial to see how you can transform your thrifted dish into a cozy candle.

The best place to find glassware perfect for this DIY will be the Goodwill Columbus retail store at 5130 N Hamilton Rd.

Gift Idea #2: Date Night Basket

Date night made easy with this thrifted gift idea! For this gift, you will need a basket you picked up from your local thrift store. We recommend checking out the Goodwill Columbus retail store at 52 Robinwood Ave.

After you find the perfect basket, go shopping for fun-shaped pasta and delicious tomato sauce. Pair this with thrifted wine glasses, a wine or beverage your secret Santa will love, and top it off with a fun game they can play with their partner for an easy date night!

Gift Idea #3: Sports Gear

Do you know an athlete looking to start a new sport this year? Thrifting the equipment can be the best way for them to try it out for cheaper. For this gift idea, keep an eye out for tennis rackets, football gear, baseball bats, ice skates, and any other special gear items that you know will brighten your athlete’s world with possibility.

Check out the Goodwill Columbus retail store at 5300 N. High St. for all your sporting gear needs!

Gift Idea #4: Cocktail Kit

No extra ingredients needed! For this gift, pair a set of thrifted cocktail glasses with a liquor of your choosing to create a DIY cocktail kit. We recommend the Goodwill Columbus retail store on 2933 Morse Rd. to find all your glassware needs.

Go the extra mile and create a handwritten recipe for a cocktail you know they will love. Bonus points if you can find a cocktail shaker and stirrer during your thrift shopping to complete the kit.

Gift Idea #5: Film Camera

If you have a photographer in your life, gift them a film camera this year to keep the memories alive.

For this gift, hunt for a unique film camera and pair it with a thrifted scrapbook to allow them to collect the photos they take along the way. We recommend the Goodwill Columbus online thrift shop on for your film camera search.

Gift Idea #6: Unique Ornaments

Is your loved one looking for new ornaments to decorate their home with during the holiday season? Consider thrifting some small home decor items and touching them up to become a quick and easy ornaments. For this gift idea, go thrifting for items such as tchotchkes, silk flowers, and small metal decor pieces to create ornaments you know they’ll love.

We recommend the Goodwill Columbus retail store at 2550 N High St. to find the best figurines and knick knacks perfect ready to decorate you or your loved one’s home.

Gift Idea #7: Coffee Table Decor

If you are buying for the friend who loves to decorate their home, why not consider unique pieces that can spruce up their coffee table.

For this gift idea, we suggest looking for unique books to display as coffee table literature, tapestries/tablecloths to dress the table, and brass candlesticks.

We recommend shopping at the Goodwill Columbus outlet store at 2675 Brice Rd. for eye-catching vintage books and unique home decor.

Gift Idea #8: Kitchenware

Do you have a chef or baker in your life? Why not give a gift that will stick with them for years by thrifting and gifting lightly used kitchenware. Give those items a good wash before gifting them, and they will be sure to bring many good uses and good meals to the person you are shopping for.

For this gift, we recommend shopping for cookie sheets, pots and pans, hand mixers, and more at our Goodwill Columbus retail store at 358 Hamilton Rd.

Gift Idea #9: Refurbished Bike

If you are shopping for a son or daughter, niece or nephew, or participating in a Christmas Tree giving program, consider purchasing a repurposed bike from our ExtraGood program.

For this gift idea, we recommend shopping at the Goodwill Columbus retail store at 6526 Sawmill Rd. There you are likely to find a collection of refurbished bikes with an ExtraGood tag that were repaired by individuals we serve, some of whom have developmental disabilities. This is a gift you can surely feel good about giving and receiving!

Gift Idea #10: Upcycled Decor

If you are shopping for a friend that moved into a new place this year, consider upcycling a piece of home decor or furniture.

For this gift, we recommend finding a piece of furniture or decor that sparks your creativity to give it new life. Whether it is a bookshelf made into a reading nook bench or a dresser transformed into a bar cabinet, we think you should let your ideas free by shopping at the Goodwill Columbus retail store at 2675 Brice Rd. for all of your decor and furniture needs!

We hope this list of thrifted gifts inspires you to create and think creatively, sustainably, and thoughtfully this holiday season. Have a happy holiday season with your loved ones. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy thrifting!

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