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Art Studio & Gallery

The Goodwill Art Studio & Gallery is an innovative fine arts program for artists with developmental disabilities and other barriers.

The studio and gallery provides a rewarding environment on so many levels. It is open to adults with any disability, creating a diverse studio environment. For the artists who create here, it is a place of self-expression and personal growth. For the volunteers who lend their time, it is a place of fulfillment. And for the patrons of the arts, it is a source of inspiring collections and talent.

Visit and shop the new Goodwill Columbus Art Studio & Gallery at
50 Robinwood Avenue, Whitehall, Ohio, 43213


At Goodwill Columbus, through the freedom of creativity, artists are given the opportunity to build self esteem and a sense of personal accomplishment. Our program provides a remarkable learning experience, as participants collaborate directly with professional artists and art educators to take their artwork to the next level. We offer a diverse range of media and methods, including drawing, painting, mixed media, fibers, sculpture and digital arts.

The experience of creating art through genuine self-expression often brings with it benefits like enhanced self efficacy (a person’s belief in his or her ability to succeed in a particular situation; a determinant of how one thinks, behaves and feels.) There is no “wrong way” to do it; creating art is empowering for people with disabilities who are often both isolated from the larger community yet cannot maintain independence. Through the sale of their art, participants interact with the community in a new relationship; one based on the individual’s gifts and talents rather than the need for support.

In 2014, the Goodwill Art Studio and Gallery served nearly 100 individuals who completed 483 works of fine art. Participants earned over $9,000 from the sale of their art. Our participants’ artwork is exhibited in the Goodwill Art Gallery and in exhibitions throughout Columbus and beyond.

Feature Artist: Andrea Kontras

Andrea Kontras draws with unparalleled enthusiasm. She specializes in illustrating intensely patterned creatures. Often these creatures are a strange mix of multiple species; a fish with an elephant’s trunk, or a chicken-zombie hybrid. Andrea’s creations are strong, beautiful and capable, and often have disabilities. She puts incredible detail into all of her artwork, often using letters and words to create texture and hidden meaning. She finds beauty even in a lowly lump-sucker.

Always with an eye on sales, Andrea has spent much of the autumn working on Christmas-themed art; Santa in Victoria Secret “Pink” loungewear, peacocks with ornaments hanging from their tails as in her drawing featured at the top of this newsletter, and other quirky and entertaining critters. She is also working on portraits of her Cockatiels, Sheldon and Leonard.

She likes to work on large surfaces and is willing to put a lot of time into her artwork. She also likes working on a variety of surfaces, from clay-board, to scarves, wood, paper, lampshades and canvas. She is happy to tackle anything, always trying to find ways of connecting to her consumer base.

The high energy she brings to the studio is apparent in all of her work.

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