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We dug for buried treasures at the Goodwill Outlet

Article Originally Appeared in Axios – Alissa Widman Neese

Rows of blue Goodwill bins full of shoes
A row of Goodwill Outlet bins full of shoes sold for $1.89 per pound. Photos: Alissa Widman Neese/Axios

Last month, we reported on your favorite places to thrift shop.

  • I recently rolled up my sleeves and dug into the bins at Columbus’ Goodwill Outlet to see what all the fuss is about.

My take: This takes “thrill of the hunt” to the next level … and I’m addicted.

How it works: Items are unsorted and sold per pound — 59 cents for books and $1.89 for everything else.

Pro tips: Bring gloves to avoid that slimy “I just rooted through piles of used items” feeling on your hands. (Luckily, the items were much cleaner than I expected.)

  • Go on a weekday. It’s less busy.
  • If you find clothes in your size or something you like, stick to that spot. It may be part of a set.
  • When employees wheel out a fresh new bin, back off — unless you’re looking for an elbow-to-elbow Black Friday-esque brawl. These thrifters are hardcore.

Relics I found, but left: The first cellphone I owned in 2005. A pet rock. Floppy disks. A cassette of “Macho Man” by the Village People.

The one that got away: A Clippers Dime-A-Dog T-shirt that sadly wasn’t my size.

What I snagged: Everything in the picture below cost only $12.49.

  • That includes the gift that keeps on giving: A brand new “Friends” calendar with daily trivia and quotes.

If you go: 2675 Brice Rd., Suite B, Columbus. 9am–9pm daily.

A pile of items from the Goodwill Outlet

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