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Ohio State student environmental group recycles and resells housing supplies

Article Originally Appeared in The Lantern – Eric Amerine

Students for Recycling is teaming up with Goodwill Columbus to sell recycled housing goods in an effort to extend the life of furniture people no longer need, which includes “clean and useable” items that are donated during spring dorm move-out are provided to Students for Recycling’s Dump and Run.

The event is an opportunity for students to get housing goods at an affordable price while also serving a charitable cause. According to the Office of Student Life’s website, some items that could be for sale are futons, rugs, desk chairs, lamps, cabinets, bookshelves, clothing, shoes and linens.

The president of Students for Recycling, Hailey Hayes, said that the event can provide interesting items.

“Students should come to this event to get some really cool items for dirt cheap. We are known for selling $20 futons and some very interesting finds,” Hayes said.

Hayes said that Dump and Run not only makes recycling fun, but it is also effective in the mission to reduce waste.

“In the past, the dump-and-run program has diverted over 10 tons of waste from landfills while also providing hundreds of students with discounted items,” Hayes said.

She added that the sale of reused items leads to a decrease in the production of new items and decreases the potential of more waste in the future, while also benefiting the environment by reducing greenhouse gases.

“The reusing of items decreases the production of new items, which require the use of natural resources, such as oil and wood,” Hayes said. “Reusing in general reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which is a contributor to climate change.” 

The event is also an easy way for students to reduce waste during move out and move in, Marie McConnell, an alumna who has frequently attended Dump and Run, said.

“It takes no effort to donate your items at the end of the year in the Dump and Run bins in your dorm. And it’s so fun and cheap to be able to shop for great dorm or apartment pieces,” McConnell said.

McConnell said she has purchased items that are now being used by her sister.

“I purchased a shelf that I used for years in my campus houses. I’ve since passed it on to my younger sister for her apartment, so it’s being put to its third use rather than end up in the trash,” McConnell said.

Hayes said Dump and Run can be an opportunity for students to grow socially, especially first-year students.

“This is a great event for freshmen especially because they can go treasure hunting with their new roommates or people on their floor and bond over thrift shopping,” she said.

Dump and Run will be held from 4-10 p.m., Aug. 23, in the Blackburn Victory Room and patio area.

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