Opportunity Accelerator Young Adult Program

Thanks to grants from Accenture and GM, we've expanded our Workforce Development Youth Services.

As part of this program, we off the following services for young adults (15-24):

  • Individualized sessions that can be custom-made to your needs.  Can be virtual or in person.
  • Variety of career development workshops to advance your career.
  • Resume building – Create a resume to wow any employer.
  • Interview skills – How to slay that next interview!
  • Level up – Learn how to get more money or make more money by advancing your career.
  • Sharpen those soft skills to keep your job and grow within a company.

For more information on these services, call or text 614-230-1289 or email us at WFD@gwcols.com.

Note: We are always looking for partnership with other schools, community groups and non-profits to offer these programs. We'd love to hear from you!