Darryl Duprae

There was a time when Darryl would get mad. Really mad. Loud noises and frustrating situations often made him act out, sometimes throwing chairs or flipping tables.

As an employee of Work and Community Services, Darryl works at Goodwill’s Warehouse and Distribution Center, and said that he has “found his groove” in a job he really enjoys.

He had been in other work locations prior to the warehouse, but none seemed to be the right fit. Darryl likes to keep busy, and prefers to work in a quiet environment, making Goodwill’s new recycling project at the warehouse the perfect fit.
Through the program, Darryl works with his hands, taking apart donated computers to prepare them for recycling: cutting wires, disassembling keyboards, and breaking down boxes.

When’s he’s not working, Darryl likes to golf and hopes to better his score the next time he’s out on the course. He also loves to watch WWE Wrestling, and does a pretty great impression of “The Rock.”

Darryl currently lives in a state-run residential setting, but eventually hopes to move to a smaller group setting. His Goodwill Columbus service coordinator, Phillip Morris, has every confidence in his ability to do so.

“He’s made great strides,” Phillip said. “He’s a new man over here.”

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