Success Stories

Meet the individuals who, with the help of Goodwill Columbus, are living happier, healthier and more independent lives.

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Paul Lattimer

Paul Lattimer

Paul Lattimer never imagined that working for Goodwill Columbus would turn him into a local television celebrity. That was before last year, when he was approached to take part in a commercial for Goodwill Columbus’s Auto Auction. Although hesitant to accept the gig at first, he reconsidered and accepted. “You only live once,” he said.

Since his commercial debut, Paul says that customers come up to him all the time, saying he looks familiar, or letting him know they saw him on television.

Paul began working at the Hilliard retail store after graduating from Goodwill’s Workforce Development Program in 2008. The program prepared him for the working world, and gave him the skills he needed to get his first job.  In the Workforce Development classes, he was taught how to put together his resume, improve his typing skills, and practice interview techniques.

“They helped me calm my speaking. I tend to stutter,” he said.

With Spina Bifida, Paul has limited use of his legs, and additional occasional problems with motor control in his hands. Before going through the Workforce Development Program, Paul said he was sad, spending most days on the couch playing video games and watching television.

Now, he earns a regular paycheck and is excited to be involved outside the house. “I like being productive. It makes me feel more independent,” Paul said.

He gets high praise from his managers and coworkers, who say he is a dedicated worker who is always willing to do whatever is asked of him. The Workforce Development Program equipped him with the tools he needed to succeed. Today, Paul is not only a star on TV, but also on the job.

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photo of paul in a Goodwill store