Transferring A Title

To transfer the title of a vehicle donated to the Goodwill Columbus Auto Auction, simply follow these instructions.

Please do not fill in the date that the vehicle will be picked up for the auction.

  1. Fill in the word "DONATION" for the price of the vehicle.
  2. The Transferee's/Buyer's name is "Goodwill Industries of Central Ohio."
  3. The Transferee's/Buyer's address is "666 S. Nelson Road, Columbus, OH 43205."
  4. The six (6) empty boxes under the Odometer Certification must have the actual mileage of the vehicle listed.
  5. The next section must be filled out in front of a Notary Public and Stamped and Signed by the Notary:
    • Transferor's/Seller's printed name
    • Transferor's/Seller's signature
    • Transferor's/Seller's printed address

After the title has been completely filled out, signed and stamped by a Notary, the donated vehicle can be scheduled for pick-up with our towing company.