Host A Donation Drive

Goodwill donation drives are excellent community service projects for businesses, schools, community organizations, city municipalities, civic associations, faith-based congregations, colleges and universities, and booster clubs.

Donation drives are an easy way to give back to the community while clearing out the clutter and keeping items out of landfills. When you donate clothing and other items like books or electronics to Goodwill, your donations are sold in Goodwill stores, giving them a second life and keeping them out of landfills.  The funds generated from the sale of your donated items helps Goodwill in its mission of building independence, quality of life and work opportunities for individuals with disabilities and other barriers, right here in Central Ohio.

A Great Way to Give Back

Whether you're representing a business, school, club, university, faith-based congregation or neighborhood association, your organization can host a Goodwill donation drive. Many organizations decide to have drives to collect specific items, such as a clothing or shoes or computers/electronics. Companies may sponsor donation drives, which is a great way to get employees energized and united about giving back to a great cause.  Goodwill works with many local colleges and universities that host donation drives. They can donate clothing, shoes, accessories and even textbooks. Also, campus organizations such as sororities, fraternities or student government associations can sponsor donation drives. City municipalities and country government often sponsor community recycle events, and Goodwill works closely with them to ensure these events run smoothly.

Some groups use community garage sales as a way to raise funds for themselves and then partner with Goodwill Columbus to come in at the end to collect the “leftovers.” We’re happy to do so! Click here for a list of items that Goodwill accepts. To determine the value of your items, view Goodwill’s Donate Now calculator, along with additional tips on organizing a successful donation drive.

Goodwill’s Community Outreach Coordinator will work with you to help organize your event and arrange to pick up the donations. Our goal is to ensure a successful partnership and help your organization achieve success. A donation drive is a wonderful way to create unity and camaraderie throughout your organization and in your community. Please allow a three-week window to schedule a drive, so we can ensure that our team is ready to assist you. To schedule a donation drive or for more information, contact our Donations Coordinator, at (614) 274-7029.

If it has a cord, then we most likely take it. If it has a cord, then we most likely take it.
We accept donations of clothing, books and household items. We accept donations of clothing, books and household items.