Every Day Is Veterans Day at Goodwill Columbus

As Veterans Day approaches, we want to tell you about the important work happening at Goodwill Columbus to help veterans re-join the workforce. We have helped dozens so far, and have the capacity to serve many more. With your help, we can spread the word about these important services and get help to more of our heroes. Goodwill Columbus is proud to be a part of the Central Ohio community and is reaching out to thank our veterans and provide them with the services needed to obtain employment that builds independence and a quality of life.

While veterans are served across all Goodwill programs, funding from United Way allows us to offer services specifically to veterans with disabilities whether the disability is service connected or not. The program provides individualized services to assist veterans with a disability to successfully find and keep competitive employment. Veterans may participate in a fifteen-hour Work Readiness class which is an intensive yet welcoming and motivating service that gives veterans the tools they need to conduct a successful job search in today’s word of social media and the Internet. Veterans may move on to receive occupational skills training, transitional work, job development, and other services.

Goodwill takes a holistic approach to assisting jobseekers to obtain employment and recognizes that this sometimes means also assisting their families. We call this Family Strengthening. Goodwill’s Family Strengthening services are available to all the veteran jobseekers. These services assist veterans and their families to become more stable and independent. “We understand that if veterans are experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, or inability to pay utilities, for instance, these stressors can have a negative impact on their ability to obtain and maintain work and, therefore, must be addressed,” said Debra Shinoskie, Director of Goodwill Columbus’s Workforce Development Department.

Goodwill has served 167 veterans in 2013 and is ready to serve many more. “Goodwill knows veterans deserve a chance to succeed in their communities. We can’t emphasize enough the transformative benefits of finding solid employment,” said Shinoskie.

To learn more about how you can support Goodwill Columbus’s Workforce Development programs please click here.