Every Day is Earth Day at Goodwill Columbus

Goodwill Columbus is celebrating 75 years of empowering individuals with disabilities and other barriers through its sustainable social enterprise business model.

 “The concept of ‘sustainability’ is ingrained in every fiber of this organization,” said Margie Pizzuti, President and CEO of Goodwill Columbus. “We like to say that Goodwill was green before green was cool!”

 Goodwill Columbus provides nearly 1.2 million hours of service annually to more than 4,100 individuals with disabilities and other barriers through day habilitation programs, community-based supported living services, employment training and job placement services. The organization takes in and sells donated goods to support these efforts.

 Goodwill takes in thousands of donations each month, and each donated item provides valuable support for the organization’s important programs. Those items that cannot be sold are responsibly recycled. In 2013 alone, Goodwill diverted 5,873,536 pounds of waste from central Ohio landfills through its recycling program.

 “Not only are we responsibly recycling these items and protecting the environment, but we’re also employing people in need to do the work,” Pizzuti said. “We’re keeping tons of waste from building up in our landfills, and putting those items to work in our community.”

 Community partnerships play an important role in the organization’s green game. In 2013, Goodwill was joined by the Franklin County Commissioners and the Dispatch Broadcast Group to pull in more than 14 tons of donated electronics. The Commissioners also donate their electronics directly to Goodwill. In 2013, the Franklin County Commissioners donated 41,775 pounds of electronics. Goodwill gratefully works with many local corporations, faith-based congregations, schools and universities, cities and municipalities, and community groups to gather donations.


“These partnerships are vital to sustaining Goodwill’s mission,” said Pizzuti. “We are so appreciative of their support.”

 Goodwill Columbus has been proudly serving the local community for 75 years. Since 1939 the organization has dedicated itself to building independence, quality of life and work opportunities for individuals with disabilities and other barriers. Goodwill Columbus is the sixth largest nonprofit in central Ohio and is among the top 50 largest employers central Ohio.