Congresspeople Joyce Beatty and Steve Stivers to Receive 2019 Goodwill Policymaker Leader Award April 25

The Basics:

Who:  Representative Steve Stivers and Representative Joyce Beatty

What: Will receive a national award from Goodwill Industries International for their work in Civility.

When: April 25, 2019 - 11:00 a.m.

Where: in Columbus Ohio at Goodwill Columbus Headquarters, 1331 Edgehill Rd  -  43212

Why: Beatty and Stivers formed the Congressional Civility and Respect Caucus in 2018 to encourage all members of Congress to act with civility and respect in their political discourse. Goodwill Industries International recognizes these congresspeople for their important work in civil discourse by awarding them a 2019 Policymaker Leader Award.

Goodwill Contact: Jane Carroll at 614.570.7948 or

Event by the Minute

  • 11:05 – Introduction of Representatives by Judy Delaney, CEO of Wooster Goodwill and Chair of the Ohio Association of Goodwill Industries board
  • 11:10  - A few words from Laura Walling, Senior Director of Government Affairs at Goodwill Industries International
  • 11:15 – A few words from Margie Pizzuti, Goodwill Columbus President and CEO  
  • 11:20  - Awards presented to Reps Stivers and Beatty by Margie Pizzuti and Laura Walling
  • 11:25 – Rep Stivers and Rep Beatty speak about their collaboration and the importance of civility



The creation of the Congressional Civility and Respect Caucus was announced at a panel discussion on civility at the Columbus Metropolitan Club in 2018, where Beatty and Stivers spoke to members of the community about the importance of bringing civil discourse back into politics. The Representatives also gave updates on the issues they are working together to tackle.

As a part of their initiative, Stivers and Beatty went out into the community, visiting high schools and civic organizations across Central Ohio in to promote the use of a respectful dialogue on tough issues. They visited learning centers of all types, taking their message directly to the community. 

July 12, 2018, was recognized as National Day of Civility, an initiative dedicated to improving political discourse between individuals of differing opinions. To mark the occasion, U.S. Congresswoman Beatty issued the following statement:

“Civility is not about changing people’s minds but rather about treating each other with respect and engaging in open and honest dialogue. As co-chair of the Congressional Civility and Respect Caucus, this National Day of Civility and all year long, I urge my constituents, fellow Ohioans, and all Americans—including Members of Congress, Senators and the White House—to be mindful of people with opposing perspectives, beliefs and political affiliations. Yes, we can disagree without being disagreeable and without vilifying each other in the process.”

“This message is sorely need in the current political climate where contention can seem to rule the day,” said Goodwill Columbus President anad CEO Margie Pizzuti. “Representatives Stivers and Beatty recognize the importance of civility so that they can move past the rhetoric and get down to the business of governance.”

“This Caucus is all about setting an example for the next generation, encouraging dialogue on tough issues, and showing that you can disagree without vilifying one another,” Stivers said. “I look forward to continuing to spread our message of bipartisanship, civility, and respect throughout Ohio and the rest of the country.”

Goodwill Columbus President and CEO Margie Pizzuti has longstanding relationship with both Stivers and Beatty, and both representatives have invested time in Goodwill over the years, participating in site visits, being there to listen, and attend the organizations most important events like annual meetings and participant celebrations. Since the 113th Congress, Stivers and Beatty have served neighboring districts in Central Ohio, working together to tackle homelessness, veterans’ issues, human trafficking, and financial literacy, all issues that greatly impact the people Goodwill Columbus serves. Both are members of the exclusive House Committee on Financial Services and serve as co-chairs of the Financial and Economic Literacy Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives, and our relationships with them are immensely important.

“We are thrilled that these two dedicated individuals can be formally recognized by Goodwill with a 2019 Policymaker Leader Award for the incredible work they are doing in our community and for their groundbreaking partnership to bring civility back to discourse,” said Pizzuti. “We need to come together as a community now more than ever, and Representatives Stivers and Beatty are setting an incredible example that even in a case of differing philosophy, people can find common ground and treat one another with respect and decency.”




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