Commissioners, Sheriff, Goodwill Columbus Expand Recycling Efforts at County Jails

On the heels of winning a national award for food scrap recycling efforts at both county jails and the courthouse cafeteria, the Franklin County Commissioners and Sheriff are now partnering with Goodwill Columbus on a new textile recycling program.

Beginning this week, worn-out items including inmate uniforms, shoes, blankets and towels from both correctional facilities will be diverted from the waste stream and, through a secure process, sent to Goodwill Columbus to be recycled or reused. These items, which accumulate in substantial numbers over time, were previously sent to the landfill.

“This is another great step forward in greening operations at our facilities,” said Commission President Marilyn Brown. “Thanks to our great staff in Public Facilities Management, the Sheriff’s Office and Goodwill Columbus for putting their heads together and finding a way to divert these items from the landfill and support great programs for our residents with disabilities and other barriers.”

“The Sheriff’s Office is proactively seeking methods to become more environmentally responsible in our Correctional Facilities. We reuse these items as much as we can, but eventually we need to dispose of them,” said Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott. “I’m proud of my staff and I want to thank the commissioners’ staff and Goodwill Columbus for their collaboration in creating a way of recycling these items.”

There is no cost associated with this new program and, when combined with the food scrap diversion program, the County expects to realize savings through less dumpster pickups.

“These donations will be responsibly salvaged and recycled through trusted vendors and will help us raise funding for our programs,” said Margie Pizzuti, Goodwill Columbus President and CEO. “We are grateful for yet another opportunity to partner with Franklin County.”

Next week, the Commissioners will be asked to authorize an agreement to accept a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in the amount of $100,000 to partially fund Goodwill Columbus’ textile recycling efforts.