A message to the central Ohio community from Margie Pizzuti, Goodwill Columbus President & CEO

A message to the central Ohio community:

I want to share a personal message with you on the heartbreaking civil unrest that we’ve witnessed in our community and nation this past week. I’m so deeply saddened and frustrated … to my core … with the fundamental inhumanity of institutional racism that continues to prevail. We have experienced far too many racially divisive incidents for far too long in our country’s history. 

I believe in my heart that NOW is the time to raise our collective voices, declaring our commitment to take thoughtful, decisive action … passionately pursuing a path forward to co-create a community and a country that provides basic human rights and protections for all our citizens.

I’m encouraged by the recent actions Franklin County Public Health and Columbus City Council have taken … with bold and brave steps to formally declare racism as a Public Health Crisis. That said, we need to do more, as an organization, along with our national network of Goodwills, our local health and human services sector, business leaders, elected officials, educational institutions … and each of us, as individual citizens.

Words have power…
Action has more power
We are listening and learning…

Goodwill’s strength comes from our diversity.  We are committed to listening, learning and being a part of the solution…and will continue our conversations together going forward. Black Lives Matter.

Goodgoodgood anti-racism resources 

All my best,
Margie Pizzuti